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Estate Planning to include your Pets

Pets aren’t just pets, they are part of the family.

So, what happens if you are unable to care for your pet in an emergency or you pass away and have no one to care for your pet?

The RSPCA has implemented a fantastic program called the “Home Ever After Program” to care for pets in short term, long term and permanent care. The process is easy, you can register online to receive a registration pack to complete for each of your pets. Registering for the Home Ever After Program provides the RSPCA with details about your pet such as the feeding routines and personality traits, so that your pet can be matched with the right, loving new family when the time comes.

As you can imagine the cost of caring for and rehoming your pet can quickly add up. There is no charge for Home Ever After, however, you may wish to consider providing a gift to the RSPCA in your Will.

For more information about the Home Ever After Program, click here.

At Lynch Law, we can prepare your Will expressing your wish for the RPSCA to care for and rehome your pet and if you wish, leave a gift to the RSPCA.

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